Jeff & Kayleigh

I had the absolute privilege of photographing my college roommate’s wedding this past weekend. My dad was my second shooter — check out his work —

Here are just a few shots from the weekend.


10501836_362591517221456_1770956140512948084_n64118_362591490554792_4457852601594761299_n 10496170_362591397221468_7714821507889660249_o10389032_362591450554796_458600814577382440_n1939557_362591847221423_2391654402614639513_n  10492174_362591340554807_6607387395910403799_n10460511_362591483888126_3930370787085879771_n 10471384_362072813939993_7622608763452115412_n    10514240_362055663941708_5199391753168055223_o 10550007_362591443888130_6750747953342809510_o 10563031_361256157354992_6110495372997957978_n

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